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title:VIP MUD
download page:link
genre:MUD client
developer:GMA Games
features:text, sound
last edit by:CX2


VIP Mud is a mud client designed to allow visually impaired players to play text based mud games with a minimum of set up time and a maximum of flexibility. It is designed to work immediately with Jaws, Window Eyes, System Access or SAPI for reading the output from the mud, with no more effort than choosing your preferred output method from the lists provided. It also comes ready configured for a small selection of muds, with the ability to set up more easily.

As well as being very easy to get started with it also offers a variety of useful functions for those who are used to muds. Aliases can be made to make entry of commands easier, keys can be set up to allow you to perform actions with a simple single keystroke, adn triggers can be set up for various purposes such as playing sounds, hiding or reprocessing messages which are difficult to use with a screen reader, or sending commands to the mud when a certain event happens. In fact the client supports the playing of wave and MP3 sounds at various volume levels, speeds and stereo positions so you can control exactly how the sound is played. In theory you could for example adjust the volume and/or speed of a sound to represent information such as your health, perhaps in the form of a heart beat.

The scripting, while less advanced than some clients which offer full on scripting and programming languages, is highly flexible and is easy to get to grips with. In fact with the built in add alias/key/trigger boxes it's quite easy to do. Triggers can be added by simply opening the triggers box, choosing add, and providing what you want the trigger to react to for example, with such options for what you want it to do as "#gag" to hide a message or "#play" for playing a sound to alert you to the event or simply to make it more enjoyable.

There is also a work in progress complete newbs' guide to muds and VIP Mud Here on the audiogames.net forum

For a further look at the program, including some use of alias's and other commands, you can Hear this review from blind cool tech By Tiffany black.

To find out more about Gma games and their titles, you can visit The Gma games page on the Audiogames archive site


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