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Volley trivia

title:Volley trivia
download page:No link!
genre:Trivia games
developer:Volley Inc
platform:amazon Alexa
last edit by:Dark


If your looking at a quick blast of question answering from your Amazon smart Speaker, Volley Trivia has you covered with a range of general knowledge, true or false game options to suit your needs, depending upon whether you want to play alone, with others, or across the internet.

  • Volley daily trivia: A simple daily round of 7 true or false questions, try and answer them all right each day to keep your brai in gear

  • Volley show down trivia: be instantly pitted against a player from across the world, and answer 7 true or false questions for increasing numbers of points, level up and become the master

  • Volley family trivia: Similar to the previous game, however this time, play with up to six players at the same machine, each taking turns at different true or false questions, Great for family gatherings or playing against your significant other.

  • All of the games have an incredibly huge range of questions, with new ones added to the banks regularly, so don't worry too much about getting the same questions over again, also, best of all, all games are absolutely free.

    Though you should be able to run all of the games by simply telling Alexa to enable the correct skill you can find The daily trivia page here The trivia shodown page here, and The family show down page here

    Good luck and stay true, accept when you should be false.


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