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Wayfar1444 represents something very unique in the world of muds, not only a science fiction themed game, but a game themed around crafting, expansion and colonisation. As the game begins, you will find your character on a centralised shuttle to the colonial access station. Unfortunately, when the ship runs into trouble, your colonisation might start a little early. Fortunately, you are already equipped with the right tools for the job, so all that is left is to choose your character's background and which one of several vast planets to start off on, then get exploring and building!

the landscape of each planet is made up of a vast 100x100 set of tiles, each having a different biome such as forest, mountain or ocean. In each biome, a number of resources can be harvested using the various tools at your disposal, resources ranging from the comparatively common inert metal or native fibre, to rare gems or radioactive elements. At this point you can start crafting things you need, whether weapons and armour to help you against some of the alien monstrosities roaming the planet, food and water, extra tools to build what you need, or indeed buildings which can provide services for you and your colony..

For those who love involved crafting, Wayfar1444 has a wonderfully detailed system, where each of your crafting tools, such as your equipment crafting tool or basic crafting tool has a list of possible projects, and to see what you need to build each project, just type, "view x on tool", for example view cooking fire on basic. If you ever are unsure about which tool to use for which project, just lookup the name of your project with your datapad, and also bare in mind that many projects have subcomponents to build.

That of course is only the start, since with buildings comes the chance to build vehicles, employ other colonists, and of course explore the world around you leading to rare discoveries, whether alien artefacts, or blueprints with extra crafting projects. Work up to eventually building your own vehicles, assault robots and even starships, and then fly off into space to give some nasty pirates a taste of their own medicine as you loot their valuable resources.

Best of all, the game is very screen reader friendly. The "nearby biome" command replaces the ascii map with the ability to search out a given biome type in an 7x7 square around you, while combat is less hectic than in some games, albeit none the less problematic.

to make your way into space and begin exploring, just point your favourite mud client to wayfar1444.com port 7777.

Aditional resources

Forumite omer is working on This soundpack for The Vipmud client, which currently features several combat sounds, and is likely to be expanded in the future.

For any questions not yet covered by in game help you can also check out The official wiki found here and of course if you like the game, feel free to check the game on the mud connector

Happy colonising.


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