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Westfront: the trials of Guilder

title:Westfront: the trials of Guilder
download page:link
genre:Role Playing Games
developer:Paul Panks
features:text, sound
last edit by:Dark


Welcome to guilder, a land full of Giants, Goblins, humans evil sorcerers and strangely useful machinary. Playing Westfront you get the chance to fullly explore this large and intreaguing country, learning skills, performing quests, slaying many a monster and maybe even removing one of those evil Sorcerers which cause so much trouble in these situations.

Though the game uses a symplistic console style interface with standard interactive fiction style commands, ---- get sword, examine vampire etc, Westfront has the distinction of being a true rpg game with detailed turn based combat (complete with a party of allies on your side), skills and levels to gain, armor and weaponry to equip and use, and even some magic spells thrown in for good measure.

The game does however have some links back to it's interactive fiction style routes, with a few puzles to make you scrach your head and a large amount of exploration of the kingdom of Guilder to be undertaken.

A large amount of emphasis is placed on help for new players, so even within the basic game, helpful text hints and npcs to point the way are plentiful. As an extra bonus, the game also features five different continents to play on, each with their own quests, monsters and unique world, offering literally hours of gameplay.

On the accessibility front, the game's main interface is text, though a few extra sound effects are stuck on top for atmosphere, making it ideally suted to work with screen readers, though the Jaws Curser, Hal's virtual focus or the window eyes curser may be needed to read the console window (hal and Jaws both tested)(.

This is deffinately an easy game to pick up and play, with quick humour, a large world, and a very user friendly system of in game help. As it is also free, there's no reason not to give it a try.


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