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Win board

title:Win board
download page:link
genre:Traditional games
developer:tim mann
last edit by:Dark


Win board is an accessible chess playing program intended to allow print disabled people access to playing chess by using either the Jaws or Nvda screen readers to output the text of the program. It contains several features such as the ability to play chess either against a computer chess playing engine, against other people, to load chess format games from other chess playing software and thus allow postal play or game analysis, and to connect online to Fics and other chess servers to allow play over the internet.

Originally the program only output to Jaws, but now the free Nvda screen reader is supported as well.

It also has the ability to play in several different languages, such as Russian, dutch, German and spanish.

Deffinately a useful program for anyone who uses Nvda or Jaws and would like to play some serious chess.


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