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download page:link
genre:Interactive fiction interpreter
developer:David Kinda
release:1999, ongoing
features:text, visuals
last edit by:Dark


Winfrotz is an interpreter for playing interactive fiction aka text adventure games written in Zcode format. Being mostly text, such games are highly easy to play with a screen reader, and though many interpreters are available, Winfrotz has been found to be the best compatible with most screen readers, in matters such as displaying text without clutter and scrolling correctly. In jaws, text is read automatically, while Hal versions later than 9 actually have a map file for the program (though earlier Hal versions will also work perfectly well using the virtual focus).

Modern versions of winfrotz will also output all onscreen text to sapi tts (just enable this in the speech property sheet of the tools menu), and will work on all versions of windows up to windows 8.

The program has some very simple save and restore functions, the ability to display useful game information like hints and "about the game" info which authors provide, as well as a nice clean and uncluttered interface.

though the interpreter itself comes with links for finding and downloading interactive fiction games, you can find a List of zcode games click here all game pages also have links to descriptions, reviews, walkthroughs etc.

Winfrotz will also play the legendary infocom adventure games such as the Zork series, originally released by Infocom in the 1980's. You can Find them here please see the webmaster's copywrite page for legal information.

For those using NVDA, an addon for the latest NVDA version which automatically reads all incoming text in interactive fiction interpreters can be Found here

Happy puzzling.


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