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download page:link
genre:Traditional games
developer:Kitchens Inc
release:March 2006
last edit by:Dark


"You sunk my battleship!" the classic strategical board game of battleship, now accessibilified, selfvoicinged and playable against the thanks to jim Kitchin.

Invented by prisoners of war during the second world war, Battleships is an easy game to understand, if a less easy one to play well. You and your opponent place your ships in a 9x9 grid, ships ranging from the huge battleship covering five squares, to the tiny pt boat, only two squares. Of course, neither of you knows where the others ships are, ---- and that's really the point of the game, finding out, ---- finding out by using your mighty cannons!

Each turn you and an opponent (the computer in the case of Jim's game), choose a square to shoot at. If you hit something, it's reported. After you've hit all vertical or horizontal squares of a ship, it sinks, and the first to sink all of the other players ships wins.

In Jim's game you can review the squares A1-I9 with the arrow keys, and press enter to fire. other speak keys are available to let you know the status of your ships, and which of your opponent's ships your looking for. You can also choose 9 levels of difficulty for your computer opponent, to give you a fighting chance to improve your spacial logic and strategy.

Jim also includes a twist on the original battleship game by including "battle starship"; a game with the same rules, but set a few hundred years, and a few million miles away from the seas of world war ii. Now, instead of using cannons to sink battleships, pt boats and submarines, your firing off lasers to disintegrate battle starships, star fighters, and space stations. Admittedly "you disintegrated my battlestarship" doesn't have the same ring as the classic phrase, ----- but it's still fun, and it's free!

As all of Jim’s games install into the same folder you’ll need to install The winkit installer found here, which also adds many of the visual basic dependencies necessary to run not only Jim’s games, but many other’s on modern Windows, though if you have those already you can just download the above file.

you can Go here for an audio review Recorded by Chriss Judd.

Jim Kitchin sadly passed away on August the 2nd, 2015. To learn more about the late great Jim Kitchin and his vast collection of games, you can Visit the Kitchinsinc page on the Audiogames archive site Which also contains one giant installer so that you can get all of Jim's games in one handy package. Goodbye Jim, you will be sorely missed.


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