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Yellow Bonnet

title:Yellow Bonnet
download page:link
genre:Adventure Games
developer:Valiant galaxy associates
release:June 2015
last edit by:Dark


The year is 1885. Thirty years before, the town of Yellow Bonnet was established in the heartland of the big American Fronteer, and now, despite indian attacks, aggressive local wildlife and the less than savory interests of Tall Tom Talbot and his gang, Yellow Bonnet is (at least by fronteer standards), a relatively safe place, drunken cowboys, mad bulls and runaway horses not withstanding.

Riding the old stage coach into town with nothing but a few coins in your pocket, your going to have to work hard to make a good impression on the locals if you don't want to be ridden out of town, end up on the losing end of some desperado's gun, or worse, fall foul of Judge Hangemup Knot's strict approach to fronteer justice.

Similarly to Vga's first title, Traders of known space the game represents the town of Yellow Bonnet with a 7 by 7 grid. You can look around with the arrows, or use control and arrows to move, (though bare in mind you can't move directly between buildings). As you move around the town, you'll discover the locations of the various residents whom you can talk to, trade with, or even fight. Some people might have jobs for you to do, whether it's serving the judge by telling a local tough that he's wanted in court, or taking a letter of a delicate nature from a lovelaun school teacher to a certain handsome deputy. You complete the game, and cement your place in Yellow Bonnet by completing six jobs, though note that sinse there are far more than six characters around town, what jobs you might have to do change from game to game. You earn points by how quickly you complete the various jobs, ie, how few moves you use. In addition to travelling back and forth around Yellow Bonnet, you can search in various locations to see what can be found, sinse old Gregory Holdon at the general store will buy just about anything, and of course as a thriving community all sorts of things are for sale in Yellow bonnet, from six guns to a shot of fire water or a sharp new haircuttt.

This however is still the fronteer, so the streets of Yellow Bonnet are far from safe. Mad bulls, crooked gunslingers, stray dogs, not to mention the odd ratler, so carrying a weapon and knowing how to use it is definitely advisable.

The game also lets you choose your profession, from the hard fighting but unperceptive tough hombre (a hombre of either gender), the mid range new hand, or the frail though cleverer tin horn, which also increases replay value.

For most part, the game is entirely self voicing, though a couple of peaces of information such as your character's name and what final statistics you have are read by Microsoft Sapi.

The game has a demo mode which will let you play the first ten moves, however after this point you'll need to purchice the game to continue. Yellow bonnet is the first game to use the Guide dog client. this is a system worked out by Vga along with Dennis Town, the principle developer of Alteraeon and is intended to give audio games a system similar to Steam.

The Guide dog client will run when Yellow Bonnet is started, and a person needs to be logged into the client in order to play the game. The client will handle all payments, let someone see what games she/he owns, and sinse the client uses an account for it's log in system, the games are available on any or all machines someone might wish to play them on. Other functions such as posting of scores, comparing game stats and such will be added to the client later.

Yellow Bonnet itself costs just five Dollars, roughly three British Pounds or Four Euroes.

For more information, you can Read the yellow Bonnet documentation here which explains all about the game, the Guide dog client, and the history and residence of Yellow Bonnet as well.

Yellow bonnet is extremely easy to pick up and play, even for a computer novice, though the rich atmosphere and random factors will hook even old trail hands. Definitely the perfect game for anyone who's wanted to step back into the old west in a serious way, and likely not our last visit to the town of Yellow Bonnet either.

For more about Valiant galaxy associates and their games, you can visit Their page on the audiogames archive site


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