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Yes sire

title:Yes sire
download page:No link!
genre:Adventure Games
developer:Volley Inc
platform:Amazon Alexa, google assistant
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Put in charge of a medeival fiefdom, life seems easy. Adoring public, a chance to make gold and rub shoulders with the nobles, and best of all a loyal major-domo who will obey your slightest whim with an obsequious "Yes sire!" Unfortunately, as you will soon find as you play this Alexa game, running a Kingdom is less easy than it seems.

Probably the easiest game to play, all you essentially do is say "Yes" or "no", whenever your friendly stooge describes the current happenings in the Kingdom and asks whether action should be taken. You begin the game with 50 tonnes of gold, and 50 reputation. Depending upon your decisions and a little luck, you will gain or lose resources. Obviously bankrupt your Kingdom, or make your self completely unpopular and the game is over, however the King who assigns your lordship clearly belongs to the George R R Martin school of political theory, since get too rich or too powerful (if you get over 100 gold or reputation), and you'll find yourself meeting an equally swift end. How long can you survive?

The game not only keeps a reccord of your best scores, but even has a few fun extras. For example, survive long enough, and the admiral will join your court, bringing a bunch of scenarios along with him.

The game is entirely free to play, however a few extras can be bought. For a start, should you lose out through reputation or finance, the banker and the cardinal can help, however their help costs a small amount of real world money (0.5 usd each). In addition, you can have the wicked witch join your court, bringing a new 100 questions with her for just 3 dollars or pounds.

The game should be available directly by telling Alexa to "enable yes sire", however Here is the skill page on Amazon's site

With a wry sense of humour, and many amusing decisions, plus some actual strategy, ruling your own Kingdom has never been so much fun, or so frustratingly adictive.


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