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You Doze: the meanders of fantasies

title:You Doze: the meanders of fantasies
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developer:EM ALL Studio
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You Doze: the meanders of fantasies is an audio game for blind people, people with limited sense of vision and for all who adores extraordinary games, mazes and puzzles. Your main task is to find a way out from a level without touching any obstacles and only by guess. Your main instrument is your hearing. Each obstacle emits sound vibrations, and the louder the sound, the nearer an obstacle is. Easy control - press and hold the screen with your finger and move it to the entrance to a new level. Put on your headphones and dive into the world of your fantasies where your imagination can change the reality. An exclusive combination of sounds and your ideas creates exceptional experience. One can feel tranquility and need for soul searching. The other can take it as a test and decide to win whatever it takes. The key point is to get into the flow. on your hearing and intuition.

The description quoted above sums up the gameplay concept pretty well. When you start the game, there will be absolutely nothing on the screen, nore any audio. The only time the game will continue is as long as your finger is on the screen, at which point you will start hearing the soundscape around you as well as the tutorial messages at the start. Lift your finger up and everything will once again stop, complete with a little tape stop effect as if you pressed stop on an analog tape player.


As has been said above, your goal of each level, which is randomised every time you play, is to drag your finger to the goal by following the sounds. When you first start, you are greeted by a voice of your mind, telling you that you are asleep and that you need to explore your dreams, but only the positive feelings. You do this by simply dragging your finger around and listening to, and following the right sound. This incredibly simple mechanic is made interesting by the presentation. You will of course be mainly relying on the stereo panning and volume of the respective sounds to either move toward or away from them. However, as this is a dreamscape, everything is covered by tons of reverb, making it much harder to localize and follow the right sounds, as well as constant background drones which add to the atmosphere, either staying more harmonious as you get closer to your goal, or morphing into deep, distorted growls if you get closer to your demise instead. Another thing making this seemingly easy concept more difficult is the amount of precision required to guide your way around the obstacles. They are not only more numerous compared to your goal, but also surprisingly close together, meaning that if you want to succeed you'll find yourself making very small, precise movements of only a few centimeters at most rather than swiping around all over the screen. So if you ever wondered how it's like to play a game of operation while having nightmares, this might give you a pretty good idea!


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