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Your adventure

title:Your adventure
download page:link
genre:Role Playing Games
developer:Nonvision games
platform:windows, Mac
release:April 2018
last edit by:Dark


Your adventure represents the first major game project of nonvision games, a group of gamers bent on creating games with a relaxing, easy going focus which are nevertheless deeply immersive and fire the imagination. Your adventure is their flag ship project, a role playing game which is virtually its own self contained world.

The city of Dalgrim and the surrounding country is a rich land with a lot of opportunities on offer for a young adventurer. The Dalgrim sewers team with monsters from giant rats to mysteriously magical mushrooms, and there are always residents ready to pay for a little pest control. Then of course, the grave yard is full of unquiet spirits, and even nastier creatures may be found out in the wilds.

A strong sword arm won't be enough on its own though, since even the toughest adventurers need to stop and eat occasionally, and while Dalgrim's lands are rich you'll still have to find your own provisions. Fortunately, there are the verdant grain fields outside Dalgrim where anyone is free to harvest corn (provided its the right season of course), and as a thriving sea port, anyone can head along to Dalgrim docks to try a hand at fishing. Further fruits and other resources may be found in the wilderness for those who look, and since there are plenty of wealthy citizens in and around Dalgrim who are ready to pay a young adventurer with skills at cooking and crafting, earning a living shouldn't be hard.

Of course, not everything is quite so simple. As well as monster filled areas, time passes and seasons change, with different resources available at different times, and everything from bad weather, to attacks by highwaymen might beset a traveller at the wrong time of year, though of course exploring in all seasons might bring unexpected results, such as a visit to the capricious pirates aboard the flying Dutchmen or even the chance to discover the fountain of youth.

Your adventure is a role playing game with an intensive focus on exploration and crafting. While there are certainly monsters to slay and combat abilities to earn, you'll find yourself spending as much time engaged in activities like fishing, harvesting and cooking. Though there is no centralised epic story, there are certainly plenty of quests to do, and random events, both good and bad to keep life interesting, as well as achievements to earn, and many new items to make

According to the Nonvision games philosophy, Your adventure couldn't be easier to play, just listen through to the descriptions and use enter and the arrow keys to navigate the menus. Some extra keys are needed in battles, though details of these can be found in the manual which may be read on the above site.

The game is available for both Windows and Mac, the Windows version can be found through the above link and you can Download the Mac version here. On windows the game outputs to Nvda, Jaws or MS Sapi.

The initial game is free, and lets you do a fair amount of exploring, however for those who want to explore further, various addons are available which give access to new areas, new quests and new activities. The first of these, The Arcadia addon (previously called the castlevania addon), lets you explore the residence of the ruler of Dalgrim, spar with his guard commander to earn extra combat abilities, and undertake a new series of quests which range from finding the lord's missing son, to helping out the castle cook, or braving ghouls and skeletons in the castle's cellars. There is even a minigame assisting catching horses in the stables and plenty of new harvestables and recipes too. The addon costs 5 euroes (that's roughly 6 usd, or 4.5 Uk pounds.

Though the game has comparatively few sound effects, the rich descriptions, high quality music and large area to explore make it incredibly immersive, and with both new addons, and new updates to the main game on the horizon, with updates to the battle system and more activities such as mining and smithing in the works, this is definitely set to become a great adventure indeed.

If you want to get an idea of what the Arcadia addon is like there is This promo video on Youtube.

For a more complete look at the game, as well as some explanations from Pelantas himself regarding the game's world you can check out This let's play video

Happy adventuring.


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