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Yugio mud

title:Yugio mud
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genre:Strategy Games
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Yugio, as many people might know, is the world's most popular collectable card game. Released along with an accompanying Manga in Japan in 1996, and later in 2002 in the rest of the world, and continues to be popular with new releases, world tournaments and ever more cards produced to this day.

The game itself, involves a fantasy battle between two players, each armed with a deck of 40-60 cards including monsters, traps, spells and other implements of magical duelling. Most games end when one player's initial 8000 life points are reduced to zero, or when a player runs out of cards to draw.

During the game, players place monsters and traps onto the table. The goal of monsters is to attack the opposing player's life points or the opposing monsters. However, to protect themselves, players may place monsters in defence position. Since each monster has an attack and defence value, obviously some monsters are better at attacking and some better at defending after an attack, the losing monster goes to the grave yard, and the losing player's life points are penalised.

As well as monsters, players may also place traps onto the table which have effects like destroying opponents' monsters or traps or causing them not to draw, these activate on the opponent's turn, and can be just the thing to spike the opposition's wheel.

There are also many more complex mechanics in the game, monsters who summon or attack other monsters depending upon their position on the table or what other monsters have been played, spells a player can use, cards to manipulate the deck and let players draw cards early, monsters which require sacrificing of other monsters to summon and more!

Though called a mud, the Yugio mud actually has little to do with the world of the anime, so don't expect to run into Maximillian Pegasus or Yuiggi and his millennium puzzle. What the mud will let you do, is create a deck from the close to 10000 now recognised cards of the Yugio trading card game (no purchasing of boosters required), and then challenge others online to battles with a set of simple, easy to use text commands. Deck building, card information, even spectating matches or viewing all of the layout of the table made quick and easy thanks to the interface, which also makes this the first time the Yugio game has been made accessible.

aditional resources.

Tensoon the Kandra, forum member and extremely dedicated Yugio player, has provided This extensive guide, which details the rules of the game, the commands of the mud, and even contains links to some handy youtube tutorials to those knew to Yugio.

In addition, he created This mushclient soundpack To give all those monsters battles some authentic sound effects.

Though undoubtedly a massively complex game, there is a good reason why Yugio is the most widely played ccg in the world, so anyone looking to get deep into strategical and fantastic battles, and all the fun of planning, building and calculating the tools necessary to create a winning card deck, should definitely give this a try.


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