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Zany touch

title:Zany touch
download page:No link!
genre:Rhythm action games
developer:Creative Logic entertainment
features:text, sound, visuals
last edit by:Pitermach


Zany touch is a Bop it style audio arcade game for the iPhone and iPad. As is usual with such games, the object is to perform certain actions as fast as possible when the audio voice tells you to, trying to wrack up as high a score as you can without messing up.

In Zany touch, you have three difficulty levels to play on, each adding more different gestures and commands which the voice (a rather scary sounding child over a pumping techno style background), will give you. Easy mode features only three gestures, a basic finger touch, a shake of the I device, or a swipe with one finger,however medium adds two new gestures, and hard goes right up to 8 which include four directional flicks.

The gestures in Zany Touch have to be performed rather more precisely than in other Bop it style iPhone games, and the speed can really go to super crazy, making Zany Touch a challenge even to people familiar with such titles.

Another key advantage of the game, is that it has a full local score listing, (meaning that multiple people can play on the same device by entering different names on the score board), as well as posting of scores to Facebook or Twitter. In access terms all the screen elements are read quite correctly with VoiceOver, which will also get out of your way when the game starts so there is no need to manually turn it off.

The game has both a free and full version available in the Ap store, though the principle difference simply involves the appearance of adverts in the game (which likely you won't run across with Voice over anyway). That being said if you enjoy the game since it only costs$1 (or 69 pence in the Uk), it would be good to support the developers work.

Happy bopping!


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