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Zero sight

title:Zero sight
download page:link
genre:Simulation games
developer:Shard workshop
release:December 2011
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Zero Sight is the first game produced by new Developer Shard Workshop. The game is a complex flight simulation game, in which you pilot an ultra modern aircraft.

though not intended as an absolutely accurate representation of what modern fighter pilots do, Zero sight is nevertheless a highly complex experience, whether taking off, landing, engaging various sorts of enemy targits or evading in coming missiles.

Flying your plane requires manipulation both of your horizontal or vertical heading in ful 360 degrees, the power of your engines, as well as various other systems such as flaps and landing gear. this will deffinately take a fair degree of practice even to take off, so don't expect to be a flying ace first time. In addition, you have a radar which may be set to various intensities in order for you to scout out both friendly aircraft flying around you, and enemy land, air and sea vehicles in your vicinity, any of which might try and pick you off with a missile. Luckily you've got four different sorts of missiles of your own on board for dealing with various enemy targits, as well as some chaff and flare rounds to connfuse enemy fire (though fancy flying may also save you should you find yourself under attack).

the game offers a number of choices for how you might want to play. At the beginning, you have the option to take off in a completely free map just to practice flying around without enemy trying to shoot you down. You can also fly around 8 other maps as you wish, destroying enemy targits, landing and refueling with a great amount of freedom. There is even a special challenge collecting floating weather balloons too. there is also a statistics file which keeps track of various things you do such as enemies shot down and successful or unsuccessful takeoffs and landings. As you might expect though, the main thrust of the game comes in the 8 missions your given, everything from a basic cargo transport to an airial dogfight against enemy forces.

Apart from extremely atmospheric sounds and detailed controls, One of the things that makes Zero Sight a highly unique game is the random nature of objects. both enemy targits and allied planes move fairly randomly, meaning that two games might be extremely different. What could at first be a fairly streight forward cargo run may prove on one occasion to require a dangerous flight through enemy teretory, or you might have to circle around one of your own airports before landing because they are too busy with other allied planes, or even have to wait out a storm, sinse the maps also feature randomly occurring weather conditions.

As well as the random maps and unexpected enemies, another more unusual element of the game is the ability to customize your aircraft, and decide how many of which missile or countermeasure you take into battle with you.

the game is entirely self voicing with recorded human speech and some unique sound effects, which gives a very realistic feeling to the action.

A demo is available, which will give you one map to fly about on containing a number of airports and two enemies so that you can practice your takeoffs and landings and maybe get some combat experience (though note that you don't have a ful complement of missiles in the demo). The ful game costs 19 dollars, and once you send Shard workshop your payment a link to download the ful version will be sent to you.

Additional resources.

If you have the full version of Zero site, you can download this patch from shard workshop to upgrade it to the latest version, which includes the capability to fully mod all in game sounds ie, replace them with your own, and adds some extra keys for checking your missile counter measures.

Before the game was released a Take off trailer was posted, in which Laurenso the developer explains some of the games' features and shows how to take off, ---- despite some unexpectedly bad weather.

there is also this tutorial showing in game sound effects and this tutorial on landing.

Zero sight is deffinately worth trying for anyone who wants a complex action game and to experience the thril of flying a modern aircraft in high octane combat. Pluss, developement has not yet stopped, so the game is likely to become even better in the future.


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