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genre:Space invaders Games
developer:James Teh
release:January 2022
last edit by:jack


The Eureka A4 classic has crash-landed directly into your web browser. You can't run, you can't hide...but you can shoot the aliens before they can destroy you.
This game is an adaptation of the classic game found on the Eureka A4 braille computer. Consequently the game was unable to use stereo sound, so your position along with the aliens are represented by continuous beeps of varying pitch. When you hear the aliens arrive they will be at a pitch different to yours, so you use the left and right arrows to align your target with the pitch of the beep, and hit space to fire. As the game progrresses, not only do multiple aliens start to appear; commanders will move across the screen. For these you'll have to wait until their pitch aligns with yours, then shoot. If you miss your chance you will have to chase them to the right and fire before it's too late!
The game runs infinitely, and you will receive an extra life every 200 points, up to a maximum of five lives.
While superceeded by various Windows releases such as Troopanum, this game is truly a nostalgia trip both in terms of audio gaming and assistive technology history.


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