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Audio Formula 1

title:Audio Formula 1
url:No link!
download page:link
genre:Racing Games
developer:Christopher Lewis
last edit by:Pitermach


Unfortunately, nothing has been heard of the game's developer for many years and the site has vanished from the internet. A copy of this game is being hosted on the audiogames archive which you can download from the link above, however the game's status is currently very much unknown.

Audio Formula 1 is an audio racing game based on the 2002 formula 1 season. This is what the developer said about the game in an exclusive interview with AudioGames.net:

"... it called Audio Formula one, as it is quite simply an audio simulation of the 2002 Formula one season, containing all of the different tracks modelled into 3D sound and all of the teams and drivers.

The game was created as a part of my course - the equivalent of a dissertation. Coded in 60,000 lines of C++ code utilising DirectX, it works by building on the 3D sound technologies present in DirectX to give a 3D Aural Version of a Formula one game. It represents different items on the track with different sounds - a beeping sound represents the racing line that is the shortest path around the track, ticking sounds for the edges of the track which is surrounded by gravel, represented with another sound and which causes the car to slow down, and a final edge of a barrier, crashing into which causes the car to stop. The cars are immune to damage in this version of the game, but you must try and keep on the racing line in order to beat the other cars, signified by the sound of their engines."

You can read the complete interview in our Articles section. Here's a list of interesting details of the game:

  • Supports Generic Direct X controllers
  • Multiple Difficulty Levels
  • Player Can select which team and driver they wish to be
  • All the Teams and Drivers of the 2002 season
  • Multiple tracks, modelled from actual tracks taken from the 2002 F1 season
  • Select number of laps per track
  • Race a single track
  • Race an entire F1 season
  • Easy to control
  • Select number of rival drivers
  • A Training Track
  • In-Car Co-driver to help Guide Player
  • Full Use of 3D sound on cars
  • Supports full 5.1 Surround Sound systems

The game can be downloaded for free from the developers website. The current version contains a few bugs on several operating systems (like WinME and Win98). They're being worked on.
Our first impression of the game was that it imitates the real F1 season convincingly through detailed menu's where you can pick your team and your favourite driver. However, the game itsself is near to unplayable (due to the bugs) and the sound design is rather poor. The audio concept for navigation, although done before, seems promising.


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