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download page:link
license:open source
developer:Matthew Atkinson & Sabahattin Gucukoglu
platform:Windows, Linux
features:sound, visuals
last edit by:Dark


AudioQuake is the next-generation AGRIP Audiogame. It builds on the concepts started by AccessibleQuake and aims to take them to a whole new level. Put simply,�the AGRIP team does�not only want to make a mainstream game accessible, but�they want the accessible version to be the only one that both the sighted and blind need. It is the active development project at AGRIP.org.uk and when it is finished, it will provide:

  • Real Internet multiplayer games, courtesy of QuakeWorld support - play with and against other humans in a variety of gametypes. Run your own game servers (which can automatically form part of a world-wide network of AudioQuake servers).
  • ImplicitAccessibility by 3D audio and special effects. ImplicitAccessibility is the term used to describe one of the major differences of AudioQuake over AccessibleQuake. In the first instance, a layer of accessibility is added�to an existing mainstream game. This allows you to play Quake, but it is not the same Quake that sighted players run. With the AudioQuake project, the team hopes to make the accessibility features implicit in the game -- through the use of 3D spatialisation and effects such as echoes, for example. This will mean that for the sighted, the game seems more atmospheric and for the blind a lot of the information previously provided as beeps will be inherrant in the game itself.
  • Accessible mapping tools, based on the LevML standard - so you can make your own levels as well as your own code modifications.

AudioQuake�is a Free Software project, under the GNU General Public Licence. Everyone is invited to make AudioQuake whatever they want it to be -- you're more than welcome to join in development or use the existing resources to make your own games. Mailing lists are provided for user and developer support.

Further information and mirrors of the game downloads can be found on The audioquake page of the Audio game archive


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