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Braille Twister

title:Braille Twister
download page:link
genre:Educational games
developer:John Bartelme, Alex Borst, Brad Davis & Alex McLin
features:text, sound, visuals
last edit by:Richard


Braille Twister is a research project from students of the University of North Carolina. The idea behind the project is to get these blind kids moving as well as teaching them braille. Children who are blind often have poor muscle tone because they don't move around as much as other kids.
So called "DDR Mats" are intended for playing the game "Dance Dance Revolution" on the PlayStation console. With an adapter, these mats can be connected to the USB port on a PC. Through the use of this pad, a game is created for kids which is both fun and educational, getting them moving while teaching them Braille characters, and possibly spelling. The idea of braille twister is for the child to use their hands, feet, head, or whatever means possible to press the appropriate dots (up to 6) for the braille character. Because the system requires the standard Dance Dance Revolution game pad, it would cost users who do not currently have the game pad around 20$ to buy one (you can pick them up in game stores, etc.)

Brad Davis, one of the developers, tells us:

"I am excited to tell you that Braille Twister was a successful project, and that it is now used in schools across North Carolina to teach braille to children, while developing spacial recognition and improving muscle strength. "

The game does not have an 'official' user-website. However, you can already download the game through the project-website (find the download link above). You can find an Administrator manual through this link and you can find a User manual through this link.

Braille Twister logo

Picture of a Dance Dance Revolution game pad

Screenshot of the Braille Interface, showing the braille character to accomplish on the right and the user input on the left


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