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download page:No link!
developer:John Bartelme, Alex Borst, Brad Davis & Alex McLin
platform:Online, web brouser
release:2001, ongoing
features:text, visuals
last edit by:Dark


In the mid 1980's, the choose your own adventure series of gamebooks became endlessly popular, offering players a simple method of going through a story and deciding what happens and what choices to make. of course,Such a format can be ever expanded, with rpg stats, full on combat, scores, different endings and even random encounters. This is the purpose of the Chooseyourstory website, to provide a place where such works can be created, discussed, played and reviewed.

The site therefore firstly contains a huge range of gamebook style games, in genres from post apocalyptic scifi to classic fantasy to humerous school adventure. more than that however, sinse the editer which is used to create the story games has been continually expanding, some of the games feature full on stats, items, random encounters and turn based combat like an rpg.

In addition to a huge range of games, the site also provides some diverse community features such as a forum and rating system. Indeed, though it is not necessary to create an account in order to play the various story games on offer, it is highly recommended since not only will it give access to the forum, but also the ability to comment and rate games you play. More crytically you can also save games by hitting the save button while playing and continue later (quite necessary given that some games can run to thousands of pages), and also an account is needed in order to use either an advanced or simple editer to begin creating your own story games. Other community features include the ability to gain experience points, which can then be used to duel other members, aka play short minigames such as toggle, rock paper cissers, or the more expanded rps 25 for extra experience.

In access terms, the site works extremely well with most things being standard links or buttons, and the developer has shown himself very responsive to access suggestions.

sinse there are some very unique story games on offer as well as a really fun community, this site is therefore highly recommended for any gamebook fans, whether you want to play some great quality adventures or even try writing your own.


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