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Der Tag Wird Zur Nacht

title:Der Tag Wird Zur Nacht
download page:link
genre:Action Games
developer:Tanja Dannecker, Matthias Pasedag, Christa Stoll, Heinrich Sturm
last edit by:Richard


The german audio game "Der Tag wird zur Nacht" started out as a project in which to develope a cool website for blind children in the age of 10 to 14. It was developed by 4 MA students of the The Fachhochschule Stuttgart – Hochschule der Medien (HdM). The students wanted to develope something accessible and fun to stimulate the communication between blind and sighted children and decided to create a "Game for the Hearing".

"Der Tag wird zur Nacht" has won the silver e-Talents Award 2003 in the categorie "e-games" and recieved the Europrix Top Talent Quality Seal in 2004.

The result is an game which can be played both online and offline, since it's made in Flash. However, a recent update of the website has removed the online version so you can now only play the game offline. The game takes place in the ancient city of Pompeii during the eruption of the vulcano Vesuvius. The goal of the player is to find a secret way out of a villa towards a safe lake. Due to the huge smokeclouds of the vulcano all sunlight has been blocked. The player has to use the cursorkeys to navigate and is guided by sound signals to find his or her way.

Unfortunately the game exists only in the German language (most likely due to the targeted age group).

Der Tag Wird Zur Nacht - old logo with greek pillars and blue mist.

Der Tag Wird Zur Nacht - new logo with a picture of lava.


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