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genre:Role Playing Games
developer:Driftwood games
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Entombed is an amazing audio project from new Developer Driftwood games. Drawing heavily from the roguelike ASCII text adventure games, it is intended to be the ultimate in complex, audio RPG dungeon crawling.

When damp halls and passages were discovered near the ocean, some believed that it was the ruins of an ancient civilization that fell to violence and war millennia ago. Though many tried to probe such passages, ---- none returned! This made them a perfect place for getting rid of inconvenient criminals!

In Entombed, you are one of these criminals, ---- exiled to live or die in a complex, twisting, ever changing dungeon. Entombed lets you play as a number of character races, ---- including Goblins and ogres, and a truly mind boggling number of jobs, each with unique abilities. As well as those you'd expect such as fighter, mage and ranger, ---- you can also choose to try your luck in some truly diverse professions like necromancer or wanderer, --- with the possibility to unlock more jobs later on. The most unique thing about the job system though, is that every character, ---- both the one you start with and any you meet up with later, can have two jobs, ---- thus creating some interesting combinations, ---- ever heard of a necromancer/healer?

All elements in the game, ---- as is the case in many roguelikes, are incredibly randomised. You therefore don't know what monsters you'll encounter, or what items they have, ---- there are even famous monster heroes with their own name and title who will try and end your dungeon career in a very short order.

But things aren't all bad for you, since you may also rescue some equally random allies to fight on your side, not to mention help from your trusty pet wolf, and any other creatures you can summon, and you have an array of magic and special techniques to defend yourself.

You might even decide to expand your horizons and take on some tasks for some of the dungeon's less violent inhabitants, ---- since rumour says there's money to be made, --- and even those who will sell you magical weapons, armour or supplies like scrolls and potions.

Speaking of items, in keeping with the random nature of the game, there is a huge range of item types and materials, making each game unique, and with three characters who all need armour and weapons and may have different skills, being able to make best use of what gear you find will definitely help your survival.

Battling in the game is also a far more tactical affair than in many rpgs, and good tactics will be rewarded! Ever wanted to blast an enemy's weapon out of their hands with magic, have your ranger pepper the opposition with a flurry of arrows, or even send an attacking goblins' head flying with a well aimed blow

Best of all, compared to conventional roguelikes, there is no need to tangle with ASCII graphics, since the game is self-voicing via microsoft Sapi, or outputs directly to jaws, window eyes or system access, with high quality sounds and music to enhance the gloomy atmosphere of the dungeon.

Previously, the game had a demo and full version, the demo ending at floor 7 just after the previous boss fight containing about half of the playable jobs and races, with the full version being an entire 25 floor epic. The full version can now be registered for free within the game, just go to "register" and through the upgrade process, and you won't be billed along the way. Whilst driftwood still accept donations, should you enjoy the game, it's nice that such an awesome rpg is now free.

Additional resources

The above link will download the main installation of the game. However, updates are continually being made, squashing bugs, adding more jobs, and generally making the dungeon even nastier! so, it's recommended to also download and install This entombed update patch as well.

To find out more about the game and read the instructions, check out the official Entombed wiki found here

Kelly Sepergia, has recorded an audio review of the game which may be downloaded here originally for the podcast the global voice, which gives a good introduction for life in the dungeon.

To discuss the game, get all the upcoming news of future versions, and help in it's development by submitting bug reports and suggestions, it's definitely recommended to subscribe to the entombed google discussion group by sending an E-mail to [email protected]

For more about Driftwood games, you can visit The driftwood games page on the Audiogames archive site

Happy slaying!


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