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ESP Pinball Classic

title:ESP Pinball Classic
download page:link
genre:Arcade Games
developer:Draconis Entertainment
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Since the first pinball game was introduced in 1947, people the world over have had an obsession with making a little silver ball jump all over a table, hitting targets and flying up ramps along the way. Pinball has been one of those true classic arcade games with ongoing appeal to generations old and young. Now ESP Pinball Classic brings all the excitement and challenge of pinball mania to a computerized accessible game!

Each theme has it's own obstacles and objectives, sound effects and ambience, and scoring system. ESP Pinball Classic comes with six completely different themed tables including:

  • Heist -�Shine up your .38 Special and get ready for a heist! Whether it's diamonds, cold hard cash, or expensive cars this table rakes in the big bucks! Great sound effects and lots of bonus jobs on the side!
  • Haunted House - Take a stroll through a graveyard to the old haunted mansion on the hill. Think you're brave enough to spend a night there? It'll take more than nerves of steel to rack up every last ghoulish point this table has to offer! Complete with spooky music and plenty of cobwebs!
  • Safari - Welcome to the jungle.. now, go home! That is if you can make it home! Explore the thick underbrush and jungle ambience while hunting wild animals and escaping quicksand. If you've got a sharp aim and don't mind mosquitoes the size of Jersey, take an adventure in the wilderness with Busher Bob!
  • Soccer Star - Take to the stadium field and don't forget your cleats! It's man against machine on the green in this 'goal'-oriented theme. Each round is timed and it's either your goal or theirs! Score for points, more time, and to win! Gatorade not included!
  • Wild West - Trade in your pinball for a six-shooter and bullets and take down the town's sheriff while escaping the law for horse thieving. And, after you're done taking out the law, stop in the saloon for an ice cold beer or brawl with the locals.
  • Pac Man - Gobble up points, avoid ghosties, and turn the tables on 'em with mega power-ups in this pinball rendition of the classic game Pac Man.

Other Features include:

  • Six exciting and interactive themed tables including the free bonus table 'Pac Man'
  • Great Ambient Sound Effects
  • Two Modes of Play: Classic and Accessible
  • Two difficulty levels: Normal and Insane
  • Fast-Action Game Play
  • ESP Score Server enabled
  • Cool Music

The following description was written by Charles Rivard:

This is the first pinball game that I know of for the blind computer gamer. Just like a pinball machine, use your flippers to keep the ball in play, racking up points by hitting switches, bumpers and other objects, but watch out for the pit. Fully keyboard accessible. Each of the 6 pinball tables has it�s own theme and sounds, ranging from a version of Packman, a soccer game, a haunted house, an African safari, a trip into the old west, and you can be a criminal trying to accomplish different heists. The action is fast, the scores can get quite high, and you can send your score to a high score board and view the current top 10 scorers. Your high score for each table can be saved to see your improvement.

To find out more about Draconis and their games, see The draconis page on the Audiogames archive site.


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