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genre:Arcade Games
developer:BPC Programs
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"So, you've eaten too many beans for lunch eh? No problem! You've got a long way home and you can walk it off... "

In this hilarious game by BPCPrograms you have to blast as many of your lunchtime companions away as you can within three minutes! You eating buddies will make farting noises; when you hear them in your center speakers, fire away using your space bar! Use left and right arrows to move left or right to catch fleeing people. At the end of the game you will be told how many people you gassed successfully.
We have to say that the game sounds like crap but, well, this is probably on purpose, isn't it? Pffrt!

Thanks to the great Audiogames archive site for providing hosting for this game, after all it's created quite a stink in the audiogames community over the years and not one we'd want to see fade away.


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