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genre:Incremental games
platform:Online, web browser
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Ever wanted to denude the oceans of fish and convert them into oceans of cash? Well Idlefisher gives you the chance to do that. Avoiding all the mal de mer/ cold water and actual trouble of the fishing itself (not to mention avoiding any salty behaviour from your work force), all you need to do to get started is click the "go fish" button. Of course, fish on their own aren't that useful, so you'll need to head over to the money tab and sell your fish off by again just a single click.

Of course, as the next maritime millionaire, you won't have to even do click fishing for long. Employ some fishers to do the fishing for you, and some office workers to sell them off, and you can just sit back like king neptune upon his throne and watch empire grow, though of course should you want to drop some of that hard earned cash into research you could speed the process up.

Enough fish selling and not only will you earn achievements, but also eventually gather pearls. These pearls won't do much in and of themselves, but if you fancy ever throwing in the metaphorical towel and relinquishing your fishy empire to start again, the pearls will give you bonuses so that next time you can acquire fish and money faster.

The game is rather simple to play as with most idle games. Just click the buttons where your number of fish or cash are displayed to go to the fishing tab orr the office tab where you can fish, sell your fish or hyer new workers, or head to the research tab to increase efficiency. Though there are a few inactive controls (decorations I think), at the top fo the page, All the buttons you need in the game are clearly labeled (your even told which tab is selected), however note that the names of the tabs are displayed twice, so you'll need to click on the tabs at the top. When an alert pops up informing you of a new achievement, you'll have plenty of time to read and close it. Also note that if you click the button to buy a specific unit, such as an office worker or one of the types of fishers, you'll need to click the button displaying either your number of fish or amount of cash to return to the general fishing or money tabs.

Though this isn't the most difficult of clicker games, the amusing text, easy gameplay and quick increase will have you an adicted fishing mogle in no time.


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