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In the Pit

title:In the Pit
download page:link
genre:Arcade Games
developer:Studio Hunty
platform:Windows XP with XBOX 360 controller
last edit by:Dark


In The Pit is an audio game developed by Studio Hunty and was a submission at the recent Experimental Gameplay Competition, which started on the 1st of april and ended two days ago.

In this game, you play a vicious creature, living at the bottom of a pit. The creature is blind, and the pit is pitch black, so there's nothing to see, you'll have to rely entirely on your senses of hearing and touch to play.

Unfortunately, this game requires an XBox 360 wired controller ($30) to play. If you have one, please plug it in and restart the game. Use the left control stick to move. Pressing up and down will move you forward and backward, and pressing left and right will turn you. If you move forward or backward too fast, you will make a splashing noise, alerting your prey to your presence. The pit is circular, and if you run into one of the walls your controller will vibrate like this. When you are near one of your victims, you will hear him breathing. If you get even closer, you can hear his heartbeat, and if you get closer still the controller will begin to vibrate like this.When the controller reaches maximum vibration, press the "A" button to eat your victim. If you're close enough, you'll hear the victim's bloodcurdling scream as he's consumed. If you're not close enough, the victim will run away. Once you have eaten all of the victims in the pit, the game will progress to the next level. You can quit at any time by pressing the "Back" button on the controller.
Stereo sound is an integral part of the gameplay, so you should use headphones if you have them.

Update: The author of In the Pit has posted a "postnatal" on the development of the game. He speaks on the design process as well as the technical process of creating the game.


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