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Kringle crash

title:Kringle crash
download page:link
genre:Side Scroller
developer:Blastbay studios
release:December 2009
last edit by:Dark


Ever wondered what happens when Santa clause's workers have too much? ---- kringle crash, the new free side scrolling action game from blastbay has the answer.

When one elf called Borgot has had enough of toiling at toymaking in Kris Kringle's workshop, ---- he decides a revolution is in order! As such, the first priority of the elf liberation front is to take all the newly wrapped presents, --- and dump them into a large waste desposal system, ---- rather than loading them upon Father Christmas' slay for immediate delivery.

playing as the grand old man yourself, you must rapidly tap the arrow keys to move left and right to snag the appearing gifts, then run to the left hand side of the area and dump them onto your slay with the control or enter key. The only thing standing in your way of course, are the not so happy little elves, who'll pick up any waiting presents and attempt to run to the right with them, ---- to where a huge crusher will turn them into scrap. Not to worry though, ---- the man with the white beerd has a pair of fists to match his belly and won't take this lying down. So use the spacebar to swing Santa's mighty fist to wollop any irritating elves out of your path, --- -and force them to drop their loot.

After four minutes of intense action, ---- if Santa's managed to load more than 25 gifts onto his slay, --- you win. if however the elves manage to pulvorize more presents than you can save, ---- well lets just say Christmas won't be so merry!

The game is of course self voicing, ---- and also completely free, with the high quality of music, and hilarious voice acting and cut scenes (not to mention a secret or two), this is deffinately worth checking out for a bit of festive fisticuffs!

For more information on Blastbay games, you can visit This page on the audiogames archive


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