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genre:Arcade Games
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Welcome to Lockpick, a fast action, arcade game of logic and skill from lworks that will test your larsonous skills.

Fortunately, the game skips over the hard part. As it begins, you have managed to break in to the bank, now it's time to open the vault. the lock has three wheels in front of you. Your job is to crack the lock by turning the wheels to show the correct combination to open the door. When you start a lock, you are always on the left most wheel, use your left and right arrows to move between wheels. Depending on which wheel you are focused on, you will hear the sounds at a different position in the sterrio field. The left wheel will be in your left ear, while the right wheel will be in your right ear. Use your up and down arrows to change the number on the corresponding wheel, with numbers ranging from 1 to 7. when you think you have figgured out the combination, press the enter key. As you turn the lock wheels, You will hear a series of 3 tones. A high tone indicates that you have that number in the correct place, a medium double tone means you have a number right, but it's in the wrong place, and a low buzzing sound means you're wrong. When you hear 3 high tones, you have cracked the lock and can move on to the next one. When you make a guess with the enter key, you are always put at the position you made that guess, unless you cracked the lock, which means a new lock will be set, and you'll be placed on the left wheel again.

Your goal in the game therefore, is to crack as many locks as possible in 60 seconds. As an added bonus, after you crack a lock, 5 extra seconds will be added on to the timer.

Just don't let the cops break your back in the process, and try to get away with as much cash as possible.

You can find more about Lworks and their games by visiting the Lworks page on the audiogames archive site


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