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genre:Arcade Games
features:text, sound, visuals
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In Mueckenjagd (or "Mückenjagd", which is German for "Mosquito Hunt") you have to catch as many mosquitos as possible, that haunt your bedroom. You can use your hands, a flyswatter and, as a bonus, a mosquitospray.

The game features a lot of quality Flash graphics. However, to play the game, you need to rely on your ears alone. The mosquitos are invisible in your dark bedroom, so the game is as hard to play for visually impaired gamers as for sighted gamers (who are also part of the intended audience). You use the cursorkeys to scan around the room. When you hear a mosquito close enough, press the spacebar to kill it.

This game is self-voicing and only available in the German language.

Screenshot of the title screen, showing a silouette of a woman in a nightgown.

Screenshot of the game, showing a dark blue-ish bedroom


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