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Pipe 2: Blast Chamber

title:Pipe 2: Blast Chamber
download page:link
genre:Action Games
developer:BSC Games
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Pipe 2, blast chamber is the heavily expanded sequel to Pipe. While keeping the core gameplay of having to go through a sewer system and fix pipes, the plot, dangers, and even the fitting of the pipes themselves is vastly different.

To begin with, in Pipe 2 there is rather more at steak than just some people's toilets backing up. Moochiani, kingpin of the San Diego maffia has planted a bomb in the water treatment plant below the red dragon carry out restaurant. Of course, he's threatening to detonate the bomb unless he recieved a large payoff. Inconveniently enough, the bomb is wrigged to begin it's 60 minute count down the second someone is detected in the San Diego sewers. Fortunately the Fbi have sent Agent Smith, disguised as a city maintenance worker to make his way into the sewers and defuse the bomb. This means not only making your way through a host of dangerous sewers but also fixing the pipes along the way. Why exactly anyone is worrying about the pipes when the city is an hour away from destruction I'm not sure, but still without the pipe fixing there wouldn't be a game.

The core of the gameplay is fitting pipes as in the original, however this time you not only have to use the arrows and enter to find the right pipe and control to hammer it in, but also twist it in place with the arrow keys, using either up, right, down, left for each pipe in clockwise order. Things however aren't simple since these sewers are far from safe. Firstly, Moochiani's gang are obviously not fooled by Smith's disguise, either that or they just don't like plummers. Still, you'll occasionally need to fight them off with either your gun or your fists.

Then there are spiders which need to be crushed with sequential pressing of the f keys, rats who chew on the pipes that need to be scared away by chucking wrenches at them, and occasional dangerous sectors of pipework where you need to dodge surging electrical currents.

Not only this, but occasionally you'll find side scrolling sectors you need to pass where you have to run across a dangerous area, jumping sewer greats with the control key, dodging flows of steam or yet more electricity (obviously work safety isn't a priority for the San Deigo water authority). Fortunately you can occasionally find goodies, such as bags of potatoe chips or cans of soda by searching trash cans, nasty! or occasional tool boxes who's combination needs to be cracked with a short number guessing game, not to mention staircases that can randomly set you forward or back a level should you choose to take them and a bonus round featuring a shootout with Moochiani's thugs.

Pipe 2 is a game that definitely doesn't let up, indeed with the amount of different things going on, changes in gameplay and things to follow it takes a good bit more concentration than most arcade titles out there, especially since instead of a conventional lives system, time is lost from the bomb, and should you run out of time entirely boooooom!

With three difficulties which ramp up the challenge and the ability to track your game statistics, even though Bsc score posting isn't around anymore, plus the chance to earn a host of in built cheat codes should you score enough, this is a truly addictive game and one of the best examples of an arcade action title in audio, which is why homages to it occur so often in other audiogames such as Crazy Party and Rhythm rage.

Though Bsc ceased selling their games in March of 2013, all of their titles including Pipe 2 have been made available thanks to Dan Zingaro and can be downloaded, along with a registration program for registering the games on your computer, from the above page.

To find out more, you can here Raul Gallegos Pipe 2 review here

Raul has also made various recordings including ful playthroughs of the game on all difficulties which can be Found here on the Asmodian site

With some of the most complex gameplay seen in an audio arcade title, the need to keep a lot of different factors in track, not to mention a funky soundtrack and lots of atmospheric effects, Pipe 2, Blast chamber is definitely a real classic which comes highly recommended, and proves that Mario isn't the only plummer who can star in a great action game.


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