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Seuss Crane - Detective for Hire

title:Seuss Crane - Detective for Hire
download page:link
developer:Destiny Media Technologies
platform:online (Clipstream)
features:text, sound, visuals
last edit by:Dark


Seuss Crane: Detective for Hire is a small free online audio game in the form of interactive radio drama. You are an active participant in an investigation conducted by Seuss Crane, a private investigator on the trail of a murderer in the City of Blackthorne.

You begin in Seuss Crane's office. Crane is visited by Lydia Cherkin, who wants Crane to investigate the murder of the local lighthouse keeper. You have to listen to their conversation and make note of the locations and people mentioned. Then at the bottom of the screen, choose the next part of the city you think Crane should visit to follow the trail of clues. You receive points for going to the most likely location where Crane will find his next clue.

Each time you visit a location you will hear the conversation or thoughts Crane has. If you need to hear the sound clue again, click on the play button in the Clipstream console. You can also reload the page. You can also visit a location more than once and the audio clue may change if you have found more information in another location.

When you think you have enough clues to make a case, click on "Accusation!!". There you will see a list of all the people in the city - all of them possible suspects. Click on the person you think most likely to have caused the crime. The city policeman Mahoney will then assess your case and either make you go back to reinvestigate or congratulate you on finding the killer.

Seuss Crane Title Screen

Seuss Crane screenshot, showing a door and the clipstream interface.


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