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Showdown is a sport played with rackits on a wooden table, and may in some ways be thought of as the goalball of table tenis. Players hit a ball containing a bell from one end of the table to the other, attempting to get it into the opponent's goal. a goal scores two points and the winner of each set is the first to score more than ten, with a match being the best of three sets. However, should a player accidently shoot the ball off the side of the table, the other player will get one point.

Philip' Bennifall, then writing under the name Pb games, has made a very faithful representation of the sport as an audio game, where you may play against the computer on various skill levels.

As with several audio games that represent Tenis or pong, you Use the arrow keys to move your bat around, listening for the sound of the rolling ball as it approaches you, then press spacebar when you've centered it to hit it back towards the computer. The sounds of the bats, the ball and the mechanics of it's movement are all faithfully replicated in the game, it is even possible to shoot the ball off the table if your not careful!

The game can be played at a number of different skill levels, and can be far more tricky than you'd expect, especially on the higher difficulties.

The game is abandonware, however it's stil being hosted by the very awesome Audiogames archive site, and therefore is stil available to play.

For some surprisingly challenging quick action ball bashing, the game is rather fun.


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