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Space wave race

title:Space wave race
download page:No link!
genre:Racing Games
release:May, 2020
features:text, sound, visuals
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Space wave race is another high octane, futuristic racing title from the Rising Pixel team, the company behind several notable titles such as Blind quest, and Audio moto championship.

As in the earlier Ticon blue title Audio speed, grab your spaceship, throttle up and prepare to take part in a futuristic racing tournament across the galaxy. Of course, racing in the future isn't quite like racing today, and as well as avoiding crashing your ship, and throttling down as you take tight curves on the space track, you'll need to avoid oncoming asteroids, and even blow away the competition with a handy laser or two, since in this galactic sport, there can be only one victor.

Controls are simple, hold up arrow to throttle up your engines, and use left and right to move between the left, centre or middle of the track. This you'll need to do often, since asteroids or enemies will appear frequently (blast the enemies with the spacebar once your on target). The game contains a tutorial mode which explains all of the mechanics, as well as over 30 tracks divided into bronze, silver and gold space leagues, which you need to complete to get access to some of the more advanced models of spaceship. Race through ruins, in far star systems, and through the sky of alien worlds in your quest to become ultimate champion. Once you master a track, as well as moving on to the next challenge, you'll also be able to play that track in single race mode as well, and should you finish championship mode, there is always the endless mode to challenge you with increasingly difficult runs, and of course if the game seems too easy, you can change the difficulty in the game's options screen, which changes the time needed to come first in a race, and also makes mishaps have a more adverse affect on your speed.

The game not only features an awesome eighties style soundtrack and complete sound effects (including the games' menu voice), but also features full and atmospheric graphics . Combine this with the close caption and dyslexic support, and you have a game accessible to a wide variety of people.

The game costs just 3.5 euroes, and considering the large number of tracks, unlockables and great atmosphere, that makes it more than a bargain, For more on the game, including a short audio demonstration, you can visit the above website..

Happy racing.


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