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Super Deekout

title:Super Deekout
download page:link
genre:Arcade Games
developer:Danz Games (formerly: Daniel Zingaro )
last edit by:Richard


Super Deekout is based on the original free game Deekout from BSCgames. Compared to its predecessor, this game is far more advanced. First of all, it features a nice story. Its science fair season at your local school, and this time, you really decide to be a hotshot and show off. While other students are testing which batteries work the best, or what fast food does to your arteries, you've decided to make a fully-moving, independently-functioning, neuroadaptable robot. Listening to your rock music in your monsterously disasterous office, you decide to name your robot 1O1 bot, just so that everyone in your class knows that you are an ultra nerd. Things were going well. The robot could move on its own, detect objects in its path, and even pick up items. But, as so often happens in these kinds of situations, things get out of control. You've made the robot too intelligent, and, if you're not quick, you're going to lose much more than a science project mark!

Your goal is to complete as many levels as possible, racking up maximum points in the process. To complete a level, you must collect all of the coins that are splattered on it. You use the up, down, left, and right cursor keys to move around the screen. To collect a coin, you'll have to use the left and right cursor keys to get its sound into the center of your speakers. When this is the case, you'll be on the correct column, and all that's left is to find the correct row. To do this, use your up or down arrow keys until the volume of the coin is maximized. A "ding" sound will play, informing you of when you have picked up a coin.
You can use the enter key to see how many coins are left to pick up and, if you have two or fewer coins remaining, you can press spacebar to cop-out and raise yourself to the next level. All other objects in the game work on this same conceptual basis. For instance, if you can hear an enemy who is very loud, but off to the right, you know that he is on the same row as you are, but on a column far to the right. You might want to move up or down to get even further away from the enemy. If the enemy is quiet but in the center of your speakers, then he is on the same column as you are, but a row far from you. You may want to move to the right or left to get more distant. In brief, then, that an enemy whose sound is centered and very loud is just about to kill you! Keep in mind that, unlike in other games, nothing is reset once you beat a level. So, if something is chasing you and you beat the current level, he'll still be right behind you. You'll have to be extremely fast in your work--the longer you take to complete a level, the more disastrous the outcome!

While collecting coins, you'll have to be on constant look-out for the enemies. At first, only one enemy will be present--the robot which was supposed to be your science project. However, he's an intelligent little bugger, and eventually he'll call another enemy--a rocket--to help him out. Whereas the robot is intelligent, the rocket basically goes berzerk around the room, making it difficult to predict. If you stay alive a little too long for his liking, he will even begin to shoot at you, and so his bullets must also be avoided, just like the enemies. More than one bullet can be headed your way at the same time, so be careful. Don't get too calm and cool if you think you've got the enemies figured out--they use different tracking/chasing techniques on the various game difficulties. Additionally, as you progress through the levels, the enemies will begin to move faster, so you'll have to be more accurate in your coin and item targetting.

Not exactly an enemy, but something else which will reduce your health is smashing into walls. As you approach a wall, you'll hear four tones of increasing pitch--if you keep walking after this point, you will hit the wall. On easy, you can smash quite a number of times before losing health, but they aren't so forgiving on normal or crazy.

In order to have a chance to get far in this game, you'll have to master the technique for obtaining items and powerups. If you collect a certain number of coins very rapidly, then an item you can pick up will be randomly placed somewhere in the game field. The number of coins you must obtain, and the time you have to do so, vary across levels and difficulties. For an example, though, you have 5 seconds to collect 3 coins on the first level of easy difficulty. As you progress through levels or difficulty selection, the time you have decreases, and the number of coins you must obtain in that time increases. Once an item of this sort shows up, it can of course be picked up by you, but the enemy can get it as well. This is crucial on normal and crazy difficulties, as the enemy will be smart enough to realize that he can grab items before you have a chance. The powerup you get when you pick up one of these good items is random, and will be one of the following:

  • Speedup: increases your speed for a time.
  • Health: increases your health.
  • Points: gives you thousands of bonus points.
  • Invisibility: immunity from enemies or hazards.
  • Armor: prevents walls from doing any damange to you if you smash into them
  • Coin spawn: drops a batch of new coins onto the level. You might think this is bad (because it makes the level longer), however, it is not: picking them up can give you more points, and you can end the level when it would have normally been complete with the spacebar. If you obtain at least one coin spawn on a level, a special sound will eventually be heard whenever you pick up a coin, informing you that you have enough coins that you could end the level with spacebar. At this point, you can press spacebar to beat the level and receive all applicable bonuses. Normally when you press spacebar to prematurely end a level, all potential bonus opportunities are out the window.

It wouldn't be fair if only you could obtain powerups, right? If you take too long to beat a level, then the nasty powerups will begin to generate on the screen. The interval between their dispatches decreases as the length of time you take to beat a level increases. This means that, after a while, nasty items will begin showing up very rapidly. If you pick one up, the item disappears, and the robot is obviously prevented from obtaining it. But if the robot gets it, its effect will be one of the following:

  • Speedup: increases the robot's speed for a time.
  • Hazard: creates a hazard zone somewhere on the screen. You can tell where the hazard is by its sound effect found in the learn sounds menu. Step on this and some of your health is toast.
  • Steal Time: adds some time to the level timer. This effectively increases the frequency that bad items are released at for the remainder of the level.
  • Ticking Bombs: scatters bombs across the screen that tick for a random time, then explode. If you are in the area of an exploding bomb, your health will be decreased. The amount of health you lose depends on how close you were to the bomb when it exploded--being right on it is not fun at all.
  • Level Drop: drops you down a level. This is not good, since the enemy's speed will not be lowered accordingly. For instance, if you are on level 10, but have dropped two levels because of a bad item, the robot will be moving as if he was on level 12.
  • Nothing: this item simply causes the robot to laugh at you.

Its not a completely hopeless situation, luckily. After all, you are still the science hotshot that made this big mess, right? Pieces of your experiment apparatus have been strewn around the room, and on various levels, they will be available to be picked up. The robot, on the other hand, cannot pick them up. When they are available, you will hear various numbers, starting at 1, being spoken. This represents the sequence in which you must pick up the pieces in order to create something worthwhile. If you get them in the wrong order, they will disappear, and you will get nothing. By collecting them in the correct order, you will obtain an item that you can use at any time. It will end up in your inventory, which you can listen to by pressing I. The items you can inventory are as follows:

  • Item Neutralizer: when used, destroys all nasty items on screen.
  • Fusion: when active, smashing into a wall results in you being warped to the other side of the screen. Very good for foiling the plans of an enemy that's on your tail.
  • Experiment collector: when used, and any experiment pieces are on the screen, all of them will be automatically collected, and your prize awarded

Once you have an inventoryable item, you can press a keystroke to use it. Press n to use a neutralizer, c to use a component collector, or w to use a wall fusion.
Next to this all, there are bonus rounds and time bonusses. The game also features joystick support and scores can be posted for free to Danz score server!

Super Deekout is an amazing game that combines a lot of fun elements of other audio games in one major cool experience with a lot of extras! Go play it NOW!

The game was originally commercial, but has now been released as freeware, but the game stil needs to be registered to become fully functional. Just go and download and run this Self-extracting archive from Dan z games and you'll have a fully registered copy of the game.

For more about DanZ games, see The danZ games page on the audiogames archive site


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