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Ten Pin Alley

title:Ten Pin Alley
download page:link
developer:Draconis Entertainment
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Together with PCS Games, Adora Entertainment has developed Ten Pin Alley. This is an updated version of PCS Games's Ten Pin game, which was originally developed under the DOS operating system. The following information has been taken from the website:

"Immerse yourself in a simulated bowling alley to play one of the world's oldest and most beloved participatory sports! At Ten Pin Alley, you will be competing against friends and family or playing solo as the not-so-world-renound Bo Linball gives the play-by-play...among other things.

The sounds of strikes, spares, cheers, elation and frustration surround you as lucky and unlucky bowlers alike vie for that third strike to boast about the turkey they got, or that fabled perfect 300 game. Music plays from the overhead speakers and as you lace up your bowling shoes someone a few lanes away drops his ball on his foot and yelps in pain.

But now it is time to forget all about that. Now it is time to...

"Press space to get your first ball!"

Ten Pin Alley is self-voicing and It features rich, authentic bowling alley ambiance and sound effects, an often sarcastic play-by-play announcer, and realistic bowling physics. Some features include:

  • Solo or multi-player games to allow groups of friends or family to gather around your computer for an exciting, competetive bowling experience.
  • Authentic bowling and bowling alley ambiance sound effects.
  • A play-by-play announcer, Bo Linball!
  • Creation and management of players' records.
  • Two different Play Methods: Aiming Only, or Aiming and Swinging.
  • Five Skill Levels of increasing difficulty for each Play Method.
  • Automatic calculation of your average on each Play Method and Skill Level.
  • Increase your average by gaining practice and learning to use advanced features like Hooking.
  • And much more!

So polish up your ball, visit Mr. Bowling-Shoe-Giver-Outer, and then test your luck at the lanes of Ten Pin Alley!

Download a Ten Pin Alley mp3 teaser through this link and listen to Charles Rivard's Ten Pin Alley demonstration through this link.

You can also listen to This mp3 review from blind cool tech by Harrison tu

To find out more about Draconis and their games, see The draconis page on the Audiogames archive site.

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