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download page:link
genre:First person adventure
developer:Pin Interactive
features:sound, visuals
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Terraformers was a project of the Sweedish team Pin interactive, and was a most successful attempt to create a way in which an audio 3D (or at least first person), environment could be created both with realistic and complete graphics, and a full sound interface that gave total access to the same information in audio. The project was an astounding success, creating a highly playable and immersive game experience to both Blind and sighted gamers alike.

The game takes place in the future. Mankind has started colonisation of other planets and uses intelligent robots to create an atmosphere and an environment suitable to humans. But on the distant planet Tellus 2 something went wrong. Some of the robots evolved and became too intelligent and revolted against their creators. The robots imprisoned professor van Lange in his lab. The professor is the only one who knows how to regain control over the revolting robots. They also disassembled the main computer and scattered the parts in the area around the professor s lab. Your mission is to defeat the robots, find the parts to the computer, free professor van Lange and perhaps discover what sent the robots wrong in the first place. "

Donning a powered suit to protect against hostile alien environments, you'll find yourself first going through a short tutorial course, then landing on Telos to, investigating first the mining, and then ocean areas before finally trying to restore the main computer and rescue the professor from imprisonment in his own lab, confronting deadly robots, mind bending puzzles with mysterious sound elements, and a beautifully described environment along the way, in the first ever audio 3D adventure.

Though first released as a commercial game, the Pin interactive team have made Terraformers available to all before moving on to other interests and research. as it was once a commercial game, you'll need to download this license key that you will then copy into the "prefs" folder after installation to have full access to the game. Though Pin interactive's website disappeared for a long while, its recently back up, with links to download terraformers and license the game, and even a link to watch a youtube playthrough of the game.

Though some of the gameplay may seem a little slower in comparison to some other first person audio titles, with a rich audio landscape, atmospheric descriptions of your surroundings and an interesting story, Terraformers is certainly worth a try.

Terraformer screenshot, portraying an empty industrial room Screenshot of a bridge with a view on some brown mountains.

Screenshot of a rocky corridor with two entrances. Screenshot of a terminal with a green pop-up interface.

CD cover front

CD cover back


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