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The Eternal Duel

title:The Eternal Duel
download page:No link!
developer:The iternal duel
platform:Online web bbrouser
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The eternal duel is one of that family of games similar to Genleo and alien adoption agency in which you create a character in an online fantasy Kingdom and battle other players. Eternal duel features a very large number of locations and different strategic methods to improve your character, from building items, to finding gems. though you may occasionally batle creatures for training puroses or explore some in game locations in search for items and gold, this is not really a game for those who enjoy exploration, but rather an extensive focus on battle, with different skills to learn, training to take and even different sorts of currency to find such as mithril, gold and nector which may all be used to improve your batling.

The game has a fair degree of help for new players, including locking some locations to prvent you running into troubble earlier on.

The game is entirely free to play, though you can spend money on donation items which have effects like increasing the amount of energy you get each day, or letting you stockpile energy to use later on, there is even the chance to buy quick fight creddits to be used batling npcs.

The interface to the game can be a litle confusing, mostly due to the rankings and displayed adds (though donating to the game will remove these). So good screen reader navigation skills are recommended to play.

though perhaps not a game for those who want an immersive rpg experience, for those interested in clan warfare, pvp competition and trying to be the best, this might be one to try.


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