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Info on licences

Here's an explanation of the licences that apply to games in the database:

  • abandonware = a game which is no longer being sold or supported by the company that produced it or by any other company and is thus utterly free to download and distribute even if it was once a commercial game.
  • freeware = a game that is totally free to use and requires no payment of any sort whatsoever.
  • shareware = a limited try-out version of the game, which has limited rounds or levels, or only runs for a short time before cutting out, but can be played as often as a person wants. To get the full experience, it's necessary to pay for the full game.
  • demo = a beta or demo version of the game, usually with missing or disabled features, and no possibility of unlocking the full game, (often because it has not yet been released).
  • Donation = a game which is totally free, however in order to maintain the game or develop others, the developers accept donations from individuals. Donating to the game is completely optional, however in many online games players who donate may be rewarded with a one time only in game bennifit, such as a stat boost or powerful item not otherwise available. Donating however is entirely by choice and players who do not donate will still have full access to all in game areas and content.
  • trial = a try-out version of the game, and is similar to a shareware license in that only paying for the game will unlock the full version. However, a trial version has a limited use time and may expire after a number of days or after being used a set number of times if the full version is not bought.
  • subscription = an ongoing game (usually online), which you must continue making monthly, or yearly payments to have full access to, though most subscription only games also include a more limited free mode as well so that you may try out the game before subscribing, or even decide just to play the free version instead.
  • retail version = full, commercial version of the game for which you have to pay to play with no chance to try out before buying.
  • open source = freeware games whose code is available for users to look at and modify as they wish.
  • Variable = any game who's license conditions cover more than one of the above types at the same time.
  • Unknown = a game who's status is currently ambiguous, usually because there have been no words from the games’ developers on its status.

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