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Here you can find information about how you can "mod" some audio games yourself and download links to other people's mods. "Modding" basically means modifying a game with your own sounds, creating your own levels and rules and even building an entirely new game using engines from other games. If you want AudioGames.net to host your own mod (for instance a "Whack-The-Chicken"-mod for WinSpank , if that's your thing) for FREE, submit your Mods to:

audiogames *at* gmail.com

Please take the following submission guidelines into consideration: please archive all of the Mod files into a single archive file (like .zip or .rar) and add a readme.txt on how to install the Mod. We do not answer questions related to the use of Mods and the use of Mods is at your own risk.

Below is a list of submitted Mods (or Mod information):

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