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A long long time ago in a century before this one there existed a website called www.testtube.com. The website was host to one of the first online audio games. It was called G-Spot and the goal was to find the G-Spot located somewhere on the screen using audio cues and your mouse. The site is now gone from the internet and cannot even be found in the Wayback Machine (www.Archive.org). Another website called Avoid.org decided to do a remake of the game in 1999 and it can still be found there today. Although the game is made in DHTML, you still need to have Flash installed (which is installed on most computers by default anyway) to hear the sounds.

The object of this Adult game is to find the G-spot as quickly as possible. 
Go to http://www.avoid.org/games/gspot/index.html and tab 3 times with the TAB-key to put the focus on the Start-button. Press [Enter] and the game begins. By clicking around with your mouse, you'll hear where to find the G-spot. If you find it quick enough, you might end up in the hiscore-list!
One tip: since this game was not made with accessibility in mind, it is possible to click with the mouse on buttons in the browser. Therefore we suggest you press [F11] to go to fullscreen-mode and reduce the size of your browser bars. Press [F11] again to return to normal.

We are still rebuilding the website because of server updates that occured during our visit to the GDC. So there is no entry of G-Spot yet in the archive.


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