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Lords of the Galaxy and Superdogs Bone Hunt

Due to our incredibly busy schedule (including our work on the Game Accessibility project: http://www.gameaccessibility.com and stimulating game accessibility awareness at conferences, while also writing a PhD thesis on Game Audio Design), it is hard to find the time to update AudioGames.net. We would like to thank the many people who contributed by submitting news, mods and other stuff, as well as participating in the AudioGames.net forum. If your stuff is not yet on the website, this means we are in the process of doing so! We have received over 100 emails over the past month alone concerning the Submit Game page. Unfortunately this page is still not functional, as we still are rebuilding parts of the website due to the latest server update. You can best post your game news on the forum (which we always read). Thanks!

And now for the games! VIPgameszone have released Lords of the Galaxy, an economic strategy game with shooter and action features. Click this link to read more about Lords of the Galaxy. And PCS has released SuperDogs Bone Hunt, a free game from PCS in which you have to help SuperDog find as many bones hidden in a lawn as possible in three minutes. Click this link to read more about SuperDogs Bone Hunt.

That is all for now. Do not forget to check out http://www.game-accessibility.com, the number one resource & community website for everything that concerns accessible gaming and game accessibility. If you want the mainstream game industry to hear your voice, then this website is the place to do it. 


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