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Audio reviews and Broken Links

Three minor updates to the website! First, we have added several links to audio game reviews in the Audio Reviews Section. Secondly, we have added Freedom Wheel Of Fortune to the archive. Click this link to read more about Freedom Wheel Of Fortune.

Thirdly, we have set up a new forum to report and discuss broken links. The reason is this: AudioGames.net contains hundreds and hundreds of links to external websites. There are many things that can happen to the external website that causes links on AudioGames.net to go broken. For example: the website's layout or contents is changed by the owner, the website ceases to exist, the website's server goes offline for a period of time, the download files are taken offline because version x.x of [game] is no longer supported, the download files have reached a maximum, etc. etc. So some links are broken permanently  and some only temporarily. In the past we requested people to report broken links to us via email, but unfortunately this resulted in a chaos of broken links. That's why we have setup a new forum where people can post broken links themselves, as well as post other information about the broken link, such as the possible new correct link or information why the link is broken. You can view the forum here: http://forum.audiogames.net/viewforum.php?id=18

And developers and gamers should not forget the earlier announced Donationcoder.com Accessible Games Programming Contest, which started July 15, 2006. The contest will run to October 15, 2006 and prize-winners can gain over $5,000 worth of prizes! The task is to design and program a game in one of two possible categories: an audio game (a game consisting of sound only, no visuals) or a one-switch game (a game that is controlled by a single button).
Click here for more information about the DonationCoder.com Accessible Games Contest.

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