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Holiday Game Sales

The holidays are coming! So this is an excellent time to purchase that one game as a gift for your friend or relative. But you don't know what to purchase or are restricted to a certain budget? Then check out Phil Vlasak's Blind Accessible Games Price List, Christmas, 2006: http://www.pcsgames.net/prices.htm.

Draconis Entertainment is pleased to announce the second of their series of holiday sales. You can now save 20% on our popular titles Alien Outback, DynaMan, and Pinball Party Pack, Vol. 1, from now until the 12th of December 2006. Please visit http://www.draconisentertainment.com.

And the website for the Audio Game Maker, http://www.audiogamemaker.com, is likely to be launched in the next couple of weeks. 

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