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Blind Mans Bluff, Star Trek Final Conflict, Monty trailer, Torrent and Audio Game Maker

Hello everyone. A lot of news in this update! First one up is a new game names Blind Man's Bluff, developed by Tony Sales from RNCB, Hereford, England. In this simple open source game you have to shoot the maniacs carrying guns and chainsaws, but avoid shooting the cat. Click the following link to find more information:

On to some even bigger news! After two years of development, many unfortunate setbacks, and several hours of testing, USA Games have completed Star Trek Final Conflict (version 1.0) and it is now ready for immediate download. Click the following link for more information:

The new trailer for USA Games' Montezuma's Revenge is now available. This is a shortened cut of Montezuma's Revenge Alpha 2. You can find the link on the following page:

Surreal Horizons, a newby developer, has announced the development of Torrent, a space fighter game. Click the following link for more information:

Ron Schamerhorn has released the latest issue of Audyssey Magazine, the world's oldest magazine about games for the blind and you can find it in the Audyssey Magazine section on this website:

And last but not least: development on Audio Game Maker is gradually progressing. A first draft of the website is already up. Please visit http://www.audiogamemaker.com to read all about this amazing free program which allows you to make your own audio games.

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