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Audio Game Maker Delayed Untill Further Notice

Here is the official update on Audio Game Maker:

"In the night of the 25th of January a huge fire destroyed all of the offices of the Accessibility Foundation. Fortunately Accessibility was able to move into a new office in the city of Utrecht on Monday the 29th, where we are gradually building up our service and reachability to the usual level. Our new contact information is available on our websites.

A beta-version of Audio Game Maker was supposed to be released on Thursday the 1st of February 2007. Unfortunately this release date will be postponed. Although the Accessibility Foundation is operational to a certain degree, we are still in the process of gathering the necessary equipment and software that is needed to continue the work on the Audio Game Maker. We will continue development on Audio Game Maker as soon as possible but have decided to delay the release untill further notice. Future information about the release will be posted on http://www.audiogamemaker.com and http://www.game-accessibility.com.

On behalf of the team of Accessibility.nl,

Richard van Tol

More information and pictures (in Dutch):

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