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Chillingham at Game On and ifbyphone

Today Bavisoft reveiled on our forum that their game Chillingham has been added to the world travelling Game On exhibit at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry. Congratulations. This does mean that our game Drive did not travel outside of Europe with the exhibit (Drive was part of the Europian Game On exhibit). You can find Chillingham on level 9 in the sound section (next to Rez and Space Station Number 9 Part 2 (which is also almost accessible)). And click this link to go the the exhibits homepage.

The future is here! Cogitations, Inc. has developed a unique voice based information and entertainment service called "ifbyphone" with which you can access the latest news,  listen to your email, search thousands of RSS feeds and access hundreds of blogs using any phone. What makes it really interesting is that you can use the service to play fun games and enjoy Interactive Fiction. All by voice without touching your telephone keypad. From the website:

"Imagine combining the best of radio drama with the interactivity of computer and console games. When reading your favorite book, have you often wondered what it would be like to participate in the story, to play the role of one of the characters? At ifbyphone you can. We have merged the exciting world of Interactive Fiction with the latest in voice recognition and text to speech technology to allow you to participate in hundreds of stories over your telephone.

Even with the advances in hand held devices and telephones, there are many times where it just does not make sense to look down at a screen. ifbyphone brings information and fun to you via your cell phone and headset, all hands-free and eyes-free. For example, you're bouncing down the road on the number 52 bus. It's impossible to read or use your PDA. You have no one else to talk to on your cell. Why not call ifbyphone? You can listen to any new email, check out the news or sports and then play a game or participate in an adventure."

The first game is announced to be "Texas No Limit Holdem Poker", which can be played by voice alone. Click this link to visit the ifbyphone website.

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