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EPX and Resources!

Adora Entertainment has released a follow-up to first pinball game for the blind called ESP Pinball Xtreme (EPX)! You can read all about EPX through this link. 

We have renamed our our Articles section. It is now called the Resources section due to the variety of resources that can be found there such as articles, research papers, academic presentations and more. We have added a very interesting video presention of Scott Kim about game adaptions. In our opinion, this presentation contains crucial information for anyone into designing audio games and accessible games! Click this link to visit the Resources section!

I'd like to add a comment Scott made while explaining how a Tangram puzzle can be adapted to the computer medium:

" (...) or you can go after the players experience. Which is 'what do you think about' or 'what is interesting about the game', mentally, when you are playing? The deeper you go the bigger the jump you can make. If you go after the core experience, the player experience, you might do something with sound. It might not even be a visual game."

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