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Introducing Draconis Entertainment

Draconis Entertainment, a new company dedicated to delivering high quality entertainment products to both sighted and non-sighted persons, has acquired the rights to all games formerly the property of Adora Entertainment, including:

  • Alien Outback
  • Change Reaction
  • DynaMan
  • ESP Pinball Classic
  • ESP Pinball Xtreme
  • Monkey Business
  • Ten Pin Alley

Draconis Entertainment especially focuses on accessible computerized audio games for the blind and visually impaired. The online score servers for the above titles which utilized them have been down for a few months, and will be down for a bit longer while they are rebuild from the ground up. The new servers are said to be more robust and suffer from little or no down time, an issue which frequently plagued the older server implementation.

It is important to note that, aside from having acquired the rights to these software titles, Draconis Entertainment is in no other way related to or associated with Adora Entertainment or its owner. The company revealed that multiple new accessible game titles are in varying stages of development and that more news on these will be revealed shortly.

The website can be visited through either http://www.draconisentertainment.com or http://www.dracoent.com. We will gradually replace the links in the AudioGames.net archive as they become available on the D.E. website.

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