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Happy New Year

Although it is not very appropiate to do so when we're nearing the end of January, we still want to wish you all the best for 2006 from all of us at AudioGames.net. We've been very busy with the site and you may notice some changes here and there.

We hope that 2006 will be a good year for audio games. It seems promising because hopefully this month TopSpeed 2 will be launched, according to Daniel Heimrath:

"In this month, in January, a new version of topspeed should come out, it is called Top Speed 2. And here you have many more options as in the demoversion. Now you can play against other three cars driven by computer, choose how many laps you would like to go and even play against a real person about the internet! This game is in betatesting now and can not be downloaded yet."

In the meanwhile, Alchemy Games Studio has released a small demo which uses a mouse interface (like RatjePrak) to play. Read more about this demo through this link. You can download the Mouse Targeting Demo through this link. And that is not all from Alchemy, because a trailer for Montezumas Revenge is now available (click this link to download the trailer). Monty will hopefully ship at the beginning of this year.

Brian Peterson has informed us that "Justin Daubenmire of BSC Games recently reported on their Game Talk list that Castle Quest has been shelved permanently due to problems with the development team.". And PCS Games have released a public demo of Sarah and the Castle of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It was build using the Shades of Doom engine. Click this link to download Sarah and the Castle of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Polish developer Klango Games have released a Pirate-themed version of Memory named (with the original title) Pirate Memory Game. Click this link for more information about Pirate Memory Game.

Many of you have emailed us to report broken links. We do not have the time to reply all of them but a big thank you to all who have helped! At the moment there are many broken links although we will fix them all, it will take some time. We are also gradually adding more and more games to the archive and we also added the latest copy of Audyssey Magazine.

Big news is that we are almost ready to launch the PlayCenter. The PlayCenter is a section on the AudioGames.net website where you can find games that are hosted by AudioGames.net. This includes downloadable games (at the moment only our own game Drive) as well as online browser games (such as The Curb Game).

When the PlayCenter is launched, it will be launched together with a new game called Sudo-San. Sudo-San is an accessible version of the immense popular puzzle game Sudoku. If you do not know what Sudoku is, then this is your chance to find out and see what everyone is talking about. Sudo-San features a graphical interface as well an auditory interface, making this version of Sudoku accessible for the blind and the sighted. More news will follow!

This is just the start. Happy Gaming!

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