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AudioGames.net launches blind-accessible Sudoku!

Sudoku is the biggest puzzle phenomon in years. It has already been called the "Rubik's cube of the 21st century". Every day, more and more people start solving the puzzles in newspapers, magazines and on the internet. Hence, AudioGames.net has developed a very dynamic and accessible version of this challenging game!

Sudo-San is completely accessible for blind players and features an extensive auditory interface next to a graphical interface. The guide and mentor is Grandmaster San (or Sudo-San). His voice will help the gamer around the puzzle. Sudo-San can assist by telling the contents of a row, column or square in one go. The game features adaptive background sounds and music. These sounds will change gradually while the player is filling the puzzle with numbers, informing you of your progress. Music, voices and effects can be turned of, according to the preference of the gamer.

You can find Sudo-San in the new AudioGames.net PlayCenter:


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