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New AudioGames.net website beta-version

Welcome to the beta-version of the new AudioGames.net website! We've been very busy to revamp the original website and this is the result. Since we want to be sure before we really launch the website that it is functional and accessible, we've released this beta-version.

Most of the content of the original AudioGames.net website has already been added to the new and improved archive. Due to high demand of the community we've broadened the scope of the website. You can now find not only audio games but blind-accessible games of all sorts on the website. Here's a small list of what the AudioGames.net website now contains:

  • the biggest online archive of audio games and blind-accessible games (including developer links, download links, descriptions, audio reviews, and other information about the games)
  • articles on audio games and blind-accessible games (ranging from popular web articles to academic research)
  • cheats, walkthroughs and trainers for audio games and blind accessible games
  • a list of mods of existing audio games and blind accessible games
  • a forum to support the community
  • Submit-a-Game functionality, through which you can add games to the archive yourself
  • a huge link-list, linking to the most important links in the field

Well, most of these are familiar of course. But we are still in the process of adding more functionality to the website. This beta-version is to get feedback from the community. So let's hear it! What do you think so far?
Please remember that this is NOT the final version of the website and that we're still adding things like a "Submit News"-forms, an intergrated rating system, etc.  So it may well be that we're already implementing your suggestion :)

After a trial period we'll move the final website to a new server. Click this link if you still want to visit the old website.

SandeR & Richard

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